Friday, May 6, 2016

Medi-Fax Atlas Series - Recent Cases

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The Medi-Fax Canadian Hospitals Web Directory is a listing of some Hospitals in Canada which also have web sites. The Hospitals are listed alphabetically as well as by location.

Medi-Fax Atlas Series is a series of Virtual Atlases of Neurosurgical disorders. Contributors are neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuropathologists and radiologists from Canada and the United States. The site is primarily for neuroscientists but anyone is welcome to visit.

This is a teleconfrence neuro rounds with participants in various neurosurgery centres across North America. Interesting cases are presented on the internet & teleconfrence calls simultaneously. Participants communicate by voice teleconfrence call and see the slides, CT, MRI, and x-rays presented on this site.

Reuters: Top News
Trump sharpens attack on Clinton as he seeks to unite party
5/6/2016 8:50:53 AM
CHARLESTON, W.Va. (Reuters) - Donald Trump is testing out themes to use against Democrat Hillary Clinton as the presumptive U.S. Republican presidential nominee tries to persuade disgruntled party loyalists to get behind his campaign.
Obama says global economy not growing as fast as it should be
5/6/2016 10:34:32 AM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama urged Congress on Friday to take actions that would help the U.S. economy, including raising the federal minimum wage, passing new trade agreements and simplifying the tax code.
Job market slowdown, rising wages may fit Fed's playbook
5/6/2016 10:08:49 AM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A slowdown in U.S. hiring coupled with a jump in wages last month dovetails with what the Federal Reserve expected as the economy approaches full employment and is not likely to alter its interest rate hike trajectory.
Convoy of stranded residents speed through fire-ravaged Fort McMurray
5/6/2016 10:38:49 AM
CONKLIN/LAC LA BICHE (Reuters) - A convoy of stranded residents sped back through the Canadian oil town of Fort McMurray, escaping the fire-ravaged region under police escort on Friday, taking the only route out as the massive wildfire spread.
North Korean leader hails nuclear success in opening congress
5/6/2016 9:47:26 AM
PYONGYANG (Reuters) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday hailed the country's recent nuclear test and launch of a satellite into space, as he opened the first congress of the country's ruling Workers' Party in 36 years.
Syria denies targeting camps, U.N. condemns 'murderous attacks'
5/6/2016 9:07:30 AM
BEIRUT/GENEVA (Reuters) - The Syrian military denied on Friday it had conducted air strikes on a camp near the Turkish border that killed at least 28 people, but a top U.N. official said initial reports suggested a government plane was responsible for the "murderous attacks".
Islamist rebels seize village near Aleppo, 73 killed: monitor
5/6/2016 9:57:39 AM
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Rebels seized a village from government forces near Aleppo overnight, a monitoring group and rebel sources said on Friday, gaining important ground near the Syrian city where the United States and Russia are trying to de-escalate the war.
Paterno son denies new allegations about his late father in Sandusky case
5/6/2016 9:37:05 AM
(Reuters) - A son of the late Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno on Friday dismissed as "bunk" a new court document alleging his father knew that his assistant Jerry Sandusky engaged in child sexual abuse as far back as 1976.
Brazil senate committee votes for Rousseff impeachment trial
5/6/2016 10:30:56 AM
BRASILIA (Reuters) - A Senate committee recommended on Friday that Brazil's President Rousseff be put on trial by the chamber on charges of breaking budget laws in an impeachment process expected to lead to her suspension from office next week.
Irish prime minister secures re-election after 10-week stalemate
5/6/2016 9:16:34 AM
DUBLIN (Reuters) - Enda Kenny was re-elected Ireland's prime minister on Friday to end 10 weeks of political deadlock, when his party's biggest rival abstained to usher in the first minority government in decades -- and one many believe will be short-lived.